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The power of well-made clothes: Why your t-shirt can cheer you up and tips for finding the one (T-shirt, that is)

When I roll out of bed grumpy, I usually opt for my comfiest pair of jeans and something baggy to hide in. Turns out I’m not alone.

Over half of us women choose something baggy to wear when we’re feeling down, matching our clothing to our emotions. But science says we can actually change our mood, simply by wearing “happy” clothes.

It makes sense when you think about it. What do you wear when you’re happy and confident? Your favourite dress? Your killer red heels? Those figure-hugging jeans that make your bum look fabulous?

Your “happy” clothes are the ones that fit you well, are well-made from lovely fabrics usually in bright colours. They don’t need to fit the latest trends – you just need to feel good in them.

Simple, well-made clothes, like a white cotton T-shirt that fits like it was made just for you can make you feel like Queen B.

So how do you find the one?

At Papaya Lane, these are our go-to tips for finding the perfect t-shirt.

1. Forget the numbers

 Every brand and label will have slightly different sizing, so forget about the numbers and concentrate on how it fits. As women, our bodies change much more frequently than men’s and we can get hung up on going up (or down) in size. That’s why our number one rule is: forget the numbers and focus on how it makes you feel. 

2. Have a seat

 Do you sit down when you try on your t-shirt? Make sure you do next time.

While it might look long enough while you’re standing up, chances are you’ll be sitting down in your new purchase at some point. So, check that your t-shirt doesn’t rise up your lower back when you sit down – if it does, you’ll need a longer fit.

 3. It’s all in the seams

 The shoulder seams of a t-shirt are important to get right, because they can make your shoulders look a lot broader than they are or make you look like your clothes are way too big for you.

 Make sure the seams are in line with your shoulders, even in looser fit t-shirts, to get the perfect fit.

4. Get the neckline right

Necklines can be tricky if you’re not sure what will suit your shape. A scoop neck makes you look longer and is flattering for most body shapes – so if in doubt, try these. If you’re a bit bustier, avoid crew neck Ts, and if you’re a pear shape, a boat neck can give your figure a lovely balance, as it broadens your shoulders. 

5. The all-important fabric

 Where possible opt for natural fibers like 100% cotton or bamboo T-shirts. They’re super soft so they feel great, and more importantly, they make you feel good.  They’re also breathable, long-lasting, and, best of all, super easy to look after. So, you spend less time worrying about your T-shirt keeping its shape and more time looking fabulous!

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6. Choose well, feel good, do good

Once you have the fit down pat, checking how the t-shirt was made is equally as important. Cheap, poorly made copies of the latest catwalk trends are everywhere – and they’ve created a world of waste, poor working conditions and severely damaged the environment. Ethical fashion considers all of these elements and looks after people and the environment. So, choose ethical and well-made clothes whenever you can for an added boost of confidence – knowing you’re helping the planet, while looking fab.


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