• Afterpay Day Sale (20 to 23 Aug 2020)

    It is Afterpay Sale Day and we have prepared 3 amazing offers for you. Make sure you use the code provided at checkout to take advantage of the savings!
  • The power of well-made clothes: Why your t-shirt can cheer you up and tips for finding the one (T-shirt, that is)

    Over half of us women choose something baggy to wear when we’re feeling down, matching our clothing to our emotions. But science says we can actually change our mood, simply by wearing “happy” clothes.

    Simple, well-made clothes, like a white cotton T-shirt that fits like it was made just for you can make you feel like Queen B. But how do you find the one? At Papaya Lane, these are our go-to tips for finding the perfect t-shirt...

  • Ethical clothing for a better world

    We think about clothing as an investment. An investment in your image, your planet and its people. At Papaya Lane, we take the time to source ethical clothing. This means people who make them aren’t exploited, they’re paid fair wages and work in good conditions. Our products also meet sustainability practices, so they don’t damage the environment or our planet.