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About Papaya Lane®

Our Philosophy

We are an Australian brand created for today and for the future, we were born in a lucky world, a world with vast resources for everyone; but also, a world where we have also evidenced the mass destruction of those resources. We want to help make a difference, working for our future, working for a better planet.

At Papaya Lane® we love fashion, we love fashion that makes us look good and feel amazing. We also love well made clothes that make good.

For us, quality matters, but we choose the type of quality that makes a difference, and so, for us, well made clothes means they’re made well through thinking on the person wearing them and how they will feel, but also, well made clothes means they are manufactured using sustainable and ethical practices. 

We focus on the basic essentials of your wardrobe and we try to keep it simple, we design with our customers in mind, we want them to look and feel amazing while wearing their day to day apparel.

Feeling Good Inside And Outside

We want to ensure you feel great in your own skin when wearing Papaya Lane’s well made clothes, we want you to feel strong, beautiful, empowered, inspired to achieve your dreams... limitless.

We know the reward will be greater if the clothes you’ve purchased are not only high quality, fit well and feel good but also, because they were created sustainably. 

At Papaya Lane® we choose garments and products that are made from organically grown materials and/or produced adhering to the highest standards for both the planet and the workers. And that’s it; we hand-pick our products to ensure we’re true to our promise.

We're just starting on our journey to well made clothes, and soon after we started we discovered that it is easy to sell clothes, but it is not easy to focus only on well made clothes for you and for the planet.

Whether it is t-shirts or jackets or any other piece; ethical fashion is undoubtedly better for you in the long run; better for the humans making your clothes and ultimately better for our planet.

Thank you for supporting us.

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